Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Full Life

John & I have been blessed with excellent, active weekends recently. Last weekend we did the photography at our friends, Robin & Jared Hanselman's, wedding in Tivoli. It was a gorgeous country wedding complete with a Grand March, brisket and a horse-drawn carriage. Neither John nor I had ever done photography for a wedding but with the help of my new Nikon D70 and my reliable N80 we were able to capture quite a bit. Since photography is more of my hobby, I was very impressed with John's gusto - he grabbed the N80 & Domke bag and took off with it. :)

This weekend, Jared & Robin came to College Station. We saw Kevin Fowler in concert Friday night, then Saturday Robin & I went shopping (Target & Scrapbook Country) while the boys went bowfishing (John's latest fishing addiction. We were able to get all Robin & Jared's wedding photos printed out before they left. After church today, John & I took the boat to Lake Bryan. As usual, we didn't catch anything but it was nice just being outside and hanging out together.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June Update

Guess we're off to a slow start (posting photos is still a mystery to me). May was a busy month for John & I. But we're looking forward to a great summer. John's taking 6 hours at A&M during Summer I plus working. I keeping looking forward to the slower summer season at my firm but things haven't slowed down too much.

We went to our good friends, Robin & Jared's, wedding this past weekend. John & I did the photography for the wedding so it was quite the adventure! It was a beautiful, lively wedding - we'd never seen a 'Grand March' - it was awesome!

This weekend we're looking forward to being in College Station as we've been on the road four of the past five weekends.