Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Shopping

The antique show at Warrenton is so big that after two Saturdays of heavy duty shopping, I still only saw most of Warrenton, and didn't even stop at Round Top or the surrounding communities. Mom Wood, Aunt Debbie, John, Chad and I returned to the antiques festival. John & Chad had to leave early to do some fishing but I think they enjoyed looking at the antique signs, fishing lures & other guy stuff. :) We girls stayed until we couldn't walk any more but it was a lot of fun. Before they left Sunday, we hit the mall in College Station too.

Western tree topper

Aunt Debbie & Mom Wood looking at antique cookbooks

Pulleys with character

Chad & John looking at pocket watches

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shopping is hard work

John & I discovered that every six months there is a fabulous antiques festival in Round Top & Warrenton, TX and the surrounding communities. We love it and if we were sufficient flush with funds, would probably come back with a truckload of stuff. As it is, its a great place to look & selectively purchase all kinds of things. This time I went both weekends, first with my mom & sister, Val. Then with John's mom & Aunt Debbie. Mom & Val came down for the weekend and we totally wore ourselves out on Saturday in Warrenton. We had a late lunch at the Legal Tender Saloon, which has the Best Chocolate Pie ever! It was an awesome, if tiring day.

Val, Mom & I each went home with some of these great painted gourds - they're a wonderful fall decoration. Most people couldn't handle our kind of shopping - we were there 45minutes trying out different combinations before we finally made up our minds.

Loved these tags for Halloween decorations!

Val loved these water pumps (of course - they're red)

Some vendors had great displays.

Awesome place to eat - but get there fast because they run out of brisket & chicken salad fast!

We had a great time in Warrenton. Then, just to make sure Mom got her workout, we went to the Southern Living Idea House the next day after church. We three went to the HGTV Dream Home last year in Tyler so it was fun to compare the two.

This is a shot of part of the master bath - it was awesome.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that while Mom & Val hit Dillard's Saturday night, I got to spend some time with my friend Melissa Mezger & her hubbie, Luke. They came into town to see the Aggie game and it was wonderful to talk to them.

A 'Bowl' Lotta Fun

A disappointment turned into a great night (though John might debate it wasn't quite as much fun). We had planned on going fishing with our friends, Robin & Jared, one Saturday night but it was not to be. John was in complete denial of the approaching thunderstorm system until it hit Saturday night but even he had to admit he wouldn't have wanted to be out in that (in his aluminium boat). So we went bowling instead. Another sport I totally stink at but enjoy. John finally got to use his bowling ball and Jared got a six-pack (that's 6 strikes in a row)!

Robin & Jared

Jared bowling (in our defense he did take the kines. class when the MSC still had a bowling alley)

John taking a turn

Robin bowling

Special Delivery

In the middle of September John received something he's been waiting quite a while for - his Aggie Ring! It was a great day and he was so excited to go home the next weekend and show his family. Little did he know, Mom Wood & I were cooking up a surprise for him. She arranged a celebration for him at the BBQ House in Nacogdoches and did all the work - all I had to do was keep it a surprise & get John there at 7pm. He was getting pretty frustrated with me by the time we got there. We thought he'd be onto us when he spotted the cars in the parking lot but he just thought everyone was in the mood for bbq. He was so surprised when we went to the back room and most of both our families were there. It was a really wonderful evening and he totally deserved it.

The next day we drove to Center, TX (which is even further beyond the Piney Wood curtain) to play some softball & celebrate John's cousin, Brandy's birthday. It was so much fun - I stink at softball but I love playing. It was another awesome time with family & friends - we truly are blessed.

John & Mom Wood at Ring Celebration

Bruce Steptoe, John's 'little' brother Chad, Pops (seated), Uncle Gerald, John

The Weekend Warriors

Our cheering section

John took his turn pitching

Where to start...

Waayy back in September John's folks & brother came down for a visit. We had a great time showing them around and checking out some of A&M's traditional spots. After lunch at the Chicken Oil, John showed his dad & Chad the local mecca for men on a budget - Harbor Freight tools. John's mom & I found our own pantheon for women - the Southern Living Idea House. It was gorgeous! And of course we had to check out one of the places that supplied the furnishings - the Old Bryan Marketplace in downtown Bryan. I can't believe I went to school here for 5yrs & have been back for 2yrs before I found this place. So much cool stuff! To top it off, we had dessert at Cafe Eccel - strawberry tarts of course. For dinner that night, John had to introduce his dad to the place to get steak - Somerville Steakhouse. It was a great weekend and we just hope that they had as much fun as we did!

Exterior of the Idea House

One of my favorites - the kitchen

A fun place to shop

Cafe Eccel's specialty