Wednesday, May 23, 2007

April photos

In an effort to make up for the dearth in posting, here are some photos from April:

My little sister, Sabrina, and her new husband, Michael

John, me, Robin & Jared before Ring Dance

A bunch of Seattle photos:

The view from my hotel room - gorgeous!

Absolutely fabulous sushi!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Posting Behind the Pineywood Curtain

Yes, John & I are still alive. But since we're not living in town anymore, our only option for tv or internet is via satellite, which we've decided to forgo until we build a house. So my only internet connection is during lunch at work, meaning that posting is a little more tricky.

I'm enjoying my work at SFA and was recently sent to Seattle for a conference. It was gorgeous up there and we were lucky to have great weather for 3 of the days. Hopefully I can post some of the photos soon. It was my first real trip to the West Coast, since LAX doesn't count.

We found a great little rent house not far from both our folks and are still in the process of unpacking. Yes, I've been in the house for a month already but my little sister's wedding plus the Seattle trip plus Ring Dance have slowed the process. Yes, John & I went to Ring Dance together. John was in the Army during our class's dance so we went with Robin & Jared. It was so much fun!

John has finished classes at A&M but still has one online class to complete, then he's planning to walk in August. Right now he's doing the job search thing.

It's back to work time for me. More posts to follow - hopefully with photos.