Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My sister Val and her first grandbaby

On Sept 10th, my great-nephew Jansen was welcomed into the world. This past Saturday, I got some photos. Never tried baby photography before - the subject matter is so precious but I don't know how Anne Geddes manages with multiple babies.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just a few words...

No pics this time (my home computer is getting steadily more sloth-like). But just wanted to let everyone out in blog-land what's been going on.

We returned to Neiderwald last weekend for the annual Redneck Skeet Shoot. An awesome time was had by all. John & I drove to Austin early Saturday morning, picking his boat up from Bryan Marine on the way. Thirsting for an adrenaline rush? Try driving in Austin traffic with an 18ft aluminium boat tagging along. We had to stop by Archiver's in North Austin so I could go on a scrapbook shopping spree. Then we got Chuy's to go and headed down to Neiderwald.

The skeet shoot was fabulous, as always. John & I went through about a case of shells each (I was black & blue the next day). Most of the afternoon & evening is just shooting for fun, then the money rounds started around 8pm. The competition was a lot stiffer this year so I was out of luck. But John did us proud, winning four rounds. He won enough that evening to fund a shopping spree of his own at Gander Mt the next day. I got to see my former-EY friends - Holly & Diana. I hadn't seen Diana in almost 3yrs - way too long! Holly graciously let us crash at her house that night.

On Sunday, we drove back to North Austin & had lunch at the Mongolian Grill with Luke & Melissa. Mel & I were bridesmaids in each other's weddings. Now that I think of it, she's the only one besides my sister who I can say that about. They're little girl is due soon so it was really exciting to get to see them.

John & I decided we're definitely going to have to return to Austin more often. There are too many great people to see, wonderful places to eat & fun things to do. Since I finally get a spring break this year (no more audit or tax seasons), I'm thinking road-trip!

In other news, John started his new job today at a local bank. He's very excited and looking forward to learning all about the industry. We're both excited about the transition from SINK to DINK (thanks, Holly for the acronyms). Now that the state's fiscal year-end is past, I can take a deep breath.