Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Update

In keeping with the babies everywhere theme that's prevalent in the blog-world, I'm doing my part by showing photos of my sweet great-nephew, Jansen. Here he is at Christmas in a five generations photo with my grandmother, mother, sister & nephew. My grandmother turned 91 this past week so we're going to visit her this weekend to celebrate. Jansen was 3 1/2 months old in this photo.

Here are some more recent photos taken this past weekend. He is just the cutest thing with huge blue eyes and a really expressive face. The Aggie outfit was his Christmas gift from John & I - he's just now really fitting into it. I can't wait to teach him to Gig 'Em!

In other news, Johns parents are building a long awaited house. Here it is as of mid-February. It's looking really great now - bricks and everything. I'm so excited for them, espcially John's mom as she has dreamed of this for a long time. We're all looking forward to family gatherings over there, espcially for the annual 4th of July & New Years parties. John's extended family is large so it'll be great to have all that room. John & I are also excited becuase when they're moved in, we'll be moving their trailer house to our property and constructing a large shop. We're excited to finally be moving to the actual location of Graywood Farm and no longer be renters. We're meeting with the electric company next week and putting up stakes this weekend.