Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Fish-mas!

Was the title I wanted for our 'fun' Christmas card. Last year we did 2 photo cards - one traditional posed shot at the Systems Building at A&M and one at an Aggie football game (the only one we've ever gone to as a couple). I'm still editing the photos from our official holiday photo shoot downtown but I thought I'd whip up a fun card from what I had. Since John thinks that 20 of this card is too many, here it is for our blog Christmas card:

It features John with a large catfish that he & Jared got while bowfishing. The smaller photo is of us picking out a Christmas tree last year.

Since we don't have kiddos to take fun photos with Santa yet, like my friend Jennifer, I thought a little holiday fun was in order. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has a Scared of Santa gallery where people have sent in quite a few photos. You can look through this years, then hit the previous buttons to scroll back into prior years' galleries. I love the vintage photos - here are a few examples:

There are background stories with some of the photos too. I don't think its funny that the kids are scared but they are so sweet.