Friday, November 07, 2008


This is a bit of a random post but I've been having some weird dreams lately and wanted to document it. We don't get out much - due to lack of budget or time, but apparently my subconcious has decided that I need to. And that I need to meet new people. In the past couple of months, I've dreamed that I've visited The Pioneer Woman, Miss Zoot and Mrs. Flinger. These some of the bloggers that I read regularly. While I don't share their views 100%, I value and enjoy their writing, their stories and their sense of humor. And I guess reading about their families so much lends itself to feeling like I know them - their husbands & children were in the dreams too. Of the three, I actually came close to meeting Mrs. Flinger when I went to Seattle for a conference but we couldn't get our schedules straight. Last night, I dreamed that I was leaving her house in Seattle & driving home to Texas and that I'd decided to stop in L.A. to see Betsy from AFC. I also went to Kuala Lumpur last night and was trying to take better photos of the twin towers with my D70 but the camera wouldn't work. Anyone else visited people in their dreams? Anyone? Bueller?


Mrs. Flinger said...

First, I'm honored to be incldued with Kim and Ree. Like holycow, that's a compliment! And the whole dreaming of blogger thing is so strange. OF COURSE I've had dreams of bloggers. Usually in some random "Dood, so-and-so was talking and then a giant unicorn flew over.. weird!" LOL. I'm so imaginative.

Apparently I am AWESOME at not meeting up with people. Kids. GAH. Making. Me. Lose. My. Mind.

Dave and Lisa said...

I have dreams like this sometimes, too, so I don't think you're crazy. ;-) Why not come visit us in Alaska in one of those dreams?
Love you!